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Wandering through the book shelves...

One of the things we're most frequently asked is about 'further reading'. This list gives some pointers as to useful publications and their outline content.  Some books are specifically asset management textbooks, some cover related aspects, overlaps and some are just be interesting parallels. 
Some of the books have reviews as blog posts and then the links are provided.  
If you are an author and want to submit a book for us to wonder about then please contact us.

Core Asset Management Texts

Core texts
Anatomy cover.png

The first Asset Management text anyone should read. 
This short publication takes the GFMAM 39 Subject Model and adds some useful guidance.  
Its well-written, easy to understand and will only take a couple of hours to read.  


Probably the first core text of asset management, this document is still a go-to reference for infrastructure owners and consultants worldwide. Recently updated for ISO 5500x. Every organisation should have one! 

Books about Asset Management

Books about
Case Studies in Asset Management V2.jpg
Case Studies in Asset Management V1 and V2
Edited by Chris Lloyd
ISBN: 0000727757393
Celso de Azevedo.jpg
Asset Management Insights: Phases, Practices, and Value 
By Celso de Azevedo
ISBN: 0831136448, 9780831136444
Asset Management: Transforming asset dependent businesses, Second edition
Edited by Chris Lloyd and Michael Corcoran
ISBN: 9780727761439

Guidance Documents and Readers

Guidance Documents
Building an Asset Management Team.png
Building an Asset Management Team
By Lou Cripps, Senior Manager, RTD Asset Management Division & Ruth Wallsgrove, Principal Consultant, AMCL

This is a practical guide for organisations interested in building or improving existing Asset Management Teams. It answers some of the most common questions regarding competencies, recruitment, selection and leadership for effective Asset Management in simple straightforward terms and using helpful case studies from the authors’ wide range of experience.    
This guide is exactly what people need – it’s accessible and, above all, helpful.


Download a free PDF copy of Building and Asset Management Team (4.5MB)

Aspect and Ovelaps

Aspects and Overlaps with Asset Management

Meltdown, why our systems fail and what
Meltdown, why our systems fail and what we can do about it 
By Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik
ISBN: 9780735222632

Synopsis - we build (management) systems in response to complexity and risk, those systems sometimes fail or create their own risks and contribute to failures.  

Read the full review here

Thinking fast and slow.jpg
Thinking, Fast and Slow 
By Daniel Kahneman
ISBN: 9780141033570

Synopsis - humans have basically two ways of thinking, reactive and analytical.  Its about understanding which mode you are and should be using. 

The Black Swan.jpg
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable
By Nassim Nicholas Taleb
ISBN: 978-1400063512 (U.S.) 978-0713999952 (U.K.)

Synopsis - humans aren’t equally good at assessing all risk types.


Interesting parallels and oddities

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game 
By Michael Lewis 
ISBN: 978-0-393-05765-2

The true story of how Billie Bean built a baseball team that won the world series on a budget by using statistics and not gut feel. This is basically both a real world example of thinking fast and slow and a modern day parable for asset managers.

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